Amalia M. Issa is an award-winning neuroscientist, speaker, and consultant.

Dr. Amalia M. Issa, PhD, MPH
She is internationally recognized for pioneering the science of precision medicine decision-making. Her mission is to empower people to make smarter decisions in the AI and digital health era.

With numerous scientific and medical publications featured in top journals such as the Journal of Neuroscience, Personalized Medicine, Cancer, and JAMA, her insights and work have also been featured in a wide variety of media outlets. Honored with numerous awards for her exceptional work, Dr. Issa has been named one of the Women in Global Health.

A long-time professor, Dr. Issa has held professorships at SIU School of Medicine, University of Houston College of Pharmacy, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, and her alma mater, McGill University. Her real-world experience helping patients and their families, and health care professionals make crucial decisions includes working as a hospital ethicist at a 550-bed facility, responding to critical “decision-making emergencies” around the clock.

As a sought-after speaker, Amalia has delivered over 160 presentations worldwide. Known for her candid humor and straight talk, she provides audiences with actionable insights backed by rigorous scientific knowledge.

Dr Issa received her PhD in Neuroscience from McGill University, her MPH from the UCLA School of Public Health and completed post-doctoral work at Harvard Medical School.

When not helping others duel with decisions, she is dueling as a fencer, a sport that she has avidly engaged in since her student days, and spending time with her family and friends.